Getting Started with Slack Tips

Slack is the tool we will use for widespread communication and networking in this conference.

Slack is convenient in that anyone with the Join Link can join the group and participate in the chats without needing to know someone else’s user ID, or add them add a “friend,” or create a group of existing members. Slack is the easiest way to quickly build an online chat room with members who “opt-in” to the chat.


After joining Slack, you will see a “Channels” heading in the left sidebar. You can join different chat rooms here.

Featured Channels

We have created a separate channel for discussion with each of the Featured speakers.

  • #featured-plenary (Tomomi Kumai)
  • #featured-legal (Yunjeong Hwang)
  • #featured-tnkr (Teach North Korean Refugees)
  • #featured-covid (Stafford Lumsden)

There are also various #help and #general channels:

  • #2020-national-conference (Hallway discussion, networking)
  • #general (Announcements)
  • #help (General Help)
  • #zoom-help (Zoom questions)
  • #q-and-a (General Q&A)
  • #random (Open discussion about any topic)

If you don’t see one of these channels in your sidebar, click the “+” (plus) button next to the “Channels” heading to “Browse channels” and add one that you want to participate in.

Zoom and Pre-recorded Chats

We have nearly 40 presentations for this conference, so did not want to overwhelm people with too many Channels. Therefore, there are not separate channels for each presenter. Instead, you may Search for a presenter’s name by clicking the “+” (plus) next to “Direct Messages” and send a DM (direct message) to that presenter.