What if I miss (or am late to) my appointed time for presenting?

We encourage all presenters (and session chairs) to test all equipment a minimum of 24 hours before the event, and to prepare themselves at least 10 minutes prior to giving their presentation. Even still, we understand that sometimes things happen that just cannot be avoided. If you are able to get online within 10 minutes after your presentation should begin, please do so, and apologize for being late. However, be aware that the longer you are not present in your room, the more likely your audience will be to drift to other rooms. If you find you are too late to give your presentation at your appointed time, you have one of two options: 

  1. Record your presentation anyway (not live) and submit it to the webmaster within 24 hours AFTER the event
  2. Just don’t give your presentation – and chalk it up to bad luck