I was selected to do a pre-recorded presentation./ I was selected to do a live presentation. Why, and is it possible to change to a different format?

Due to the logistical parameters of quickly transitioning from a place-held conference to an online event, the National Conference Committee has chosen to host a limited number of live sessions. This difficult decision was made to ensure there would be adequate tech support for conference participants.

All accepted presenters were surveyed on their interest in participating in an online conference, and asked to rate their interest in doing a live versus pre-recorded session. “Live session” presenters were selected based on their preference for doing a live presentation, and the relevancy of their session content to the 2020 National Conference’s theme of Be the Change: Creativity, Collegiality, and Community.

If you prefer to do a pre-recorded presentation that is an option; please indicate this when you register as a presenter, and also contact the program chair at natconfprogram2020@gmail.comUnfortunately, depending on the number of presenters who register, it may or may not be possible to switch from a pre-recorded to a live session. If you have a question about this please contact the program chair at natconfprogram2020@gmail.com