How do I interact through the session chair?

The Session chair has a key role: to assist the presenter before, during, and after the presentation. This means that the Session chair will help get the video recording equipment setup and tested, they will alert the presenter on the time remaining, and they will monitor the YouTube or Zoom chat and comment boxes for the best and most relevant questions that are typed during the presentation. If the presenter answers a question during the course of his / her talk, then that question will not be asked at the end. At the end of the presentation, the Session chair will select the top 3-5 questions that were asked (and not yet addressed) during the presentation time and ask them to the presenter. Or, in the case that no questions were asked during the presentation, the Session chair may open up the “floor” (Zoom room, or chat box) for questions at that time. The Session chair will then help the presenter pick out the best questions to answer in the time remaining. The Presenter will stay on the Live video until they have answered all the questions, or no time remains in the session.