Can I arrange a viewing party or some kind of other social / networking event during the conference?

Yes, you may arrange a viewing party or some other kind of social event during the conference within reason. Please be mindful of the state of affairs surrounding you (i.e. the current state of coronavirus in your district and restrictions on public gatherings, other people in the same location, etc.), but KOTESOL conferences are intended to be a place for people to gather and network and learn new things, so network away! Just please be sure that all members in your gathering have registered for the conference so that we can get an accurate picture of the attendance numbers.

The conference starts in 10 minutes. I’m logged in, but nothing is on the screen.

If you see a “waiting” message, then please keep waiting for a while as the presenter prepares themselves and begins their video. If, however, you see nothing on screen at all, please double-check your link URL, or try another session. If NONE of the links are working, please check your Internet connection. Finally, if you see a “waiting” message for 5-10 minutes AFTER the starting time of the session, you may assume that the presenter may be experiencing technical difficulties, and unable to get online at that time. Please try another link or refresh the page.

How do I interact through the session chair?

The Session chair has a key role: to assist the presenter before, during, and after the presentation. This means that the Session chair will help get the video recording equipment setup and tested, they will alert the presenter on the time remaining, and they will monitor the YouTube or Zoom chat and comment boxes for the best and most relevant questions that are typed during the presentation. If the presenter answers a question during the course of his / her talk, then that question will not be asked at the end. At the end of the presentation, the Session chair will select the top 3-5 questions that were asked (and not yet addressed) during the presentation time and ask them to the presenter. Or, in the case that no questions were asked during the presentation, the Session chair may open up the “floor” (Zoom room, or chat box) for questions at that time. The Session chair will then help the presenter pick out the best questions to answer in the time remaining. The Presenter will stay on the Live video until they have answered all the questions, or no time remains in the session.

What if I miss a Session that I want to attend, or the site is slow, or the “room” is too full?

Unfortunately, technology is not perfect and things such as site slowdown, server crashes, and even personal forgetfulness to attend a session can happen. Therefore, each Session (minus those presenters who opt out) will be recorded and later uploaded to KOTESOL’s YouTube channel within 48 hours of the end of the event. You may then go back and view any sessions you may have missed.

How can I access the Sessions after I register?

The email you use to register with will be added to a whitelist of users with access to the website. After your account is created on the conference website, you will be emailed your access password, and may then login.

What if a presenter doesn’t show up at their presentation time?

We encourage all presenters to arrive at and be ready for their presentations at least 10 minutes early. However, if a presenter fails to show up even up to 5 or 10 minutes after their presentation should begin, please understand that they may be experiencing technical difficulties of some kind. You are welcome to leave to attend another session, and come back later, or not come back at all. Some presenters who miss their appointed times may still record their presentations for YouTube; others may not. Either way, all website content will be updated at least 48 hours AFTER the conference has concluded, so you may check back at that time if you desire.

What equipment is required to view the presentations?

All attendees need an email address (to register, and then login), and an Internet-capable device such as a smartphone or computer. Sessions will be linked from and take place primarily on YouTube, and secondarily on Zoom (you will need to install the Zoom software and create an account prior to joining a Zoom room)