How will my registration and attendance data be used?

KOTESOL does not share your data with any third-parties nor third-party applications. All registration and attendance data is maintained internally and used for KOTESOL’s own metrics. See our “Privacy Policy” for further details.

How can I edit my registration or login information?

If you can login to the conference site, then you should be able to change some of your personal information on that site. If you need to change your login information before your account is created, please contact your “Attendee” manager who will double-check everything and help you change your information.

What if I can’t login after I register?

Please double-check the email you registered with. Also, check your email inbox. If you have not yet received an email with your password / access code, then your account has not yet been created. If you have received an email, but cannot login, please click “Forgot my password” at the bottom of the page to begin the password recovery process. If you still cannot login after all these steps, please contact your “Attendee” manager who will then check your conference registration and get in touch with the webmaster to be sure you have access to the conference.

How much is it to register?

In a show of solidarity and support for educators facing hardships and precarity due to COVID-19, KOTESOL is moving the 2020 National Conference online and making it free for everyone. 

When and where can I register?

  1. Presenter Registration will be opened up on the KOTESOL site from April 1-10.
  2. Viewer Registration will be opened up on this LIVE website from April 10-25.