What if I miss (or am late to) my appointed time for presenting?

We encourage all presenters (and session chairs) to test all equipment a minimum of 24 hours before the event, and to prepare themselves at least 10 minutes prior to giving their presentation. Even still, we understand that sometimes things happen that just cannot be avoided. If you are able to get online within 10 minutes after your presentation should begin, please do so, and apologize for being late. However, be aware that the longer you are not present in your room, the more likely your audience will be to drift to other rooms. If you find you are too late to give your presentation at your appointed time, you have one of two options: 

  1. Record your presentation anyway (not live) and submit it to the webmaster within 24 hours AFTER the event
  2. Just don’t give your presentation – and chalk it up to bad luck

What is the deadline for uploading my materials?

Presenters may send their PPTs, resource documents, or pre-recorded videos to natconfprogram2020@gmail.com by April 20, 2020 to have those included on their Speaker page on the website.

I’m doing a live session. How much time will I have to present?

Based on your session type (is it a research paper presentation, or a workshop/dialogue) and on your answer to the presenter survey, you will be scheduled for either a half hour or forty-five minute time slot. You can email the program chair at natconfprogram2020@gmail.com if you would like to make a request or have a question.

I’m doing a pre-recorded presentation. What are the length requirements?

We ask that you limit your video to 30 minutes or less. There is not a a minimum time requirement for a pre-recorded session; it is up to each presenter to select the amount of time they feel they need to convey their session content and we suggest you avoid feeling obliged to “fill up” a certain amount of time. However, we strongly recommend that your video be no longer than 30 minutes, and preferably shorter, in order to share your presentation topic efficiently and to hold your audience’s attention. A short, well-made video that captures and maintains viewers’ interest is by far preferable to a longer presentation that attempts to be comprehensive.

I was selected to do a pre-recorded presentation./ I was selected to do a live presentation. Why, and is it possible to change to a different format?

Due to the logistical parameters of quickly transitioning from a place-held conference to an online event, the National Conference Committee has chosen to host a limited number of live sessions. This difficult decision was made to ensure there would be adequate tech support for conference participants.

All accepted presenters were surveyed on their interest in participating in an online conference, and asked to rate their interest in doing a live versus pre-recorded session. “Live session” presenters were selected based on their preference for doing a live presentation, and the relevancy of their session content to the 2020 National Conference’s theme of Be the Change: Creativity, Collegiality, and Community.

If you prefer to do a pre-recorded presentation that is an option; please indicate this when you register as a presenter, and also contact the program chair at natconfprogram2020@gmail.comUnfortunately, depending on the number of presenters who register, it may or may not be possible to switch from a pre-recorded to a live session. If you have a question about this please contact the program chair at natconfprogram2020@gmail.com

What will the conference schedule be? Will we choose our own presentation times or will time slots be allotted to us?

The conference schedule will be completed next week after presenter registration closes. (Please look for it around April 13th.) 

There will be a session time slot allotted to you if you are doing a live session. There will be a schedule just like a regular conference. The conference schedule will be completed after presenter registration closes. (Please check this site for a tentative schedule around April 14th. Please know that schedule changes may need to occur, but it will be communicated to presenters as needed.)

If you are doing a pre-recorded presentation, your session will be added to the conference “library”, and it will available for any registered conference attendees to view anytime after 10:00am KST on April 25, 2020.

What audio / video / Internet equipment is required to present?

All presenters need:

  1. A working webcam and mic or Internet-enabled smartphone with camera and mic (for live sessions) OR
  2. Any kind of pre-recorded video content (for non-live sessions). This may include PPT recordings, screencasts, lectures filmed with a smartphone or camera, or any combination of those.

How do I setup Zoom?

Please read through our comprehensive article with instructions about Zoom presentations.

How do I setup YouTube Live?

Please read through our comprehensive article with instructions about YouTube Live presentations.