Do you have any tips for first-time attendees?


Will there be a printed / PDF program book?

There will be a downloadable PDF of the program book made available on the website.

Do I have to be a KOTESOL member to attend?

You do NOT have to be a KOTESOL member to attend the conference. In fact, we hope that more non-members attend the conference this year since it is entirely online – and video content will be available after the event. Please share this conference with your friends and other English teachers who may be new to Korea, new to teaching, or need resources or support to help them.

How can I get a certificate of presentation / participation?

We are currently looking into ways to automatically generate certificates through our website. Watch this space (or stay tuned on the Slack chat) for more details later.

Conferences are great for networking and socializing, but with everything going online, how can I do that this year?

Please join us in our Slack chatroom! This chatroom will be utilized as a “Hallway” track where people can mingle and socialize online during breaks in the Sessions. Additionally, during the lunch break, we may make one Zoom session live for anyone who wants to “eat lunch” together in a virtual mok-bang.

What are my options for exhibiting and advertising at the conference?

You may contact the Program Chair at for more information about exhibiting or advertising at the conference.

Who will be attending the conference?

English Teachers and educators from all over Korea attend the KOTESOL National Conference every year. We usually draw between 300-700 attendees, and this year we hope it will be no different.

Who are the Plenary speakers?

Tomomi Kumai is the Plenary speakers who will be giving a talk entitled “Creating a Safe Space for Transformation: Intercultural Awareness for Language Teachers.” Her Plenary talk will be scheduled for 10:00am.

What is the theme of the conference?

The theme for this year’s National Conference is “Be the Change: Creativity, Community & Collegiality in EFL.” Teachers and their students can change and transform in positive ways through our shared experiences. The more creative ways teachers find to communicate with students, the more engaged those students can be in the classroom and in the world outside the classroom. The more we all engage with the world around us, the better citizens we become of our global community. We also have a shared responsibility to our professional community to help strengthen it with support and respect for all its diverse members. Let’s be the change we wish to see in the world… In 2020 and beyond!

What’s the difference between the online conference and a normal KOTESOL conference?

There is no need to travel nor book hotels for the online conference. However, there will also be less ability to network and meet new people in this format. We are currently discussing ways that might allow us to provide more opportunities for networking. All sessions will be video sessions, either pre-recorded or live, and the majority of them (minus those who opt out) will be archived on KOTESOL’s YouTube channel for browsing later.